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April, 2017



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Timbre is a beautiful audio/video editor for Android. Using Timbre, you can easily perform numerous audio and video editing operations such as cutting out a part, joining multiple files into one, converting from one format to another.

Timbre is a completely free app that hopes to provide Android users some respite from having to deal with overpriced ad-riddled malfunctioning audio/video editors.


An overnight success, three years in the making

Timbre is an app born out of necessity. Xeus began working on a new idea in the summer of 2015. By August, a very early prototype showed promise (as documented by this ancient tweet).

However, due to numerous technical difficulties, the project was delayed over and over until Xeus finally shelved the project, until the stars align..

And align they did. In the two years since the idea first came to fruition, Xeus successfully overcame the challenges presented in making the media editing library FFmpeg work well with the Android platform. And of course, the UI was gorgeous from the very beginning.

The result was Timbre. On April 13, 2017 Timbre was quietly released on the play store. In the first few days, Xeus worked closely with initial users to improve and expand the capabilities of Timbre.

After Timbre was announced on reddit, it received widespread recognition and got featured in numerous popular media outlets (see notable mentions). And the rest is history.


  • Audio editing: Cut, join, convert, change bitrate, split a file in two, omit out a portion from the middle, change playback speed
  • Video editing: All the above operations can also be applied to videos along with removing all audio from a video and extracting audio from a video
  • FFmpeg console: Timbre includes a raw FFmpeg console for advanced users to use custom commands for near infinite control on audio/video editing

P.S: There are simply way too many features to list here. See for yourself.


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (35MB)

Notable Mentions

  • "Honestly, it does not get much better than this."
    - Matthew Sholtz, Android Police
  • "Good audio and video editing tools are somewhat hard to come by on mobile — a sentiment shared by app developer Xeus. The dev was prompted to create the Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3 app after failing to find a "decent" tool for doing the same in the Play Store. And what Xeus has come up with is certainly an effective tool."
    - Scott Adam Gordon, Android Authority
  • "..it's the application you need."
    - Wendy Duran, Android Phoria
  • "[Xeus] set himself to work. The result is Timbre."
    - André Westphal, Caschys Blog
  • The viral reddit thread that put Timbre on the map.

Monetization Permission

Xeus allows for the above contents of Timbre to be published through news outlets, blogs, video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos or articles created containing assets from Timbre is legally & explicitly allowed by Xeus.

About Xeus

Xeus is an independent android developer. He has several other successful apps on the play store across many categories. Xeus is also well known for his educational blog on ethical hacking, cyber security and privacy: XeusHack.com